The Change Express®
We have developed a comprehensive toolkit that implements change in a structured and customized manner. The toolkit called The Change Express® consists of workbooks, guidelines, management games, and E-learning (App). It provides organizations with the boost required to manage their way forward customized to the needs of business, people and their goals! The Change Express® and our programs provide the following tangible business results:

  • Increased business volumes, innovation, and profitability across organizational levels
  • Reduced lead times and cost of business processes
  • Improved skills and successful application of tools within business
  • Healthy work-life balance with smiling faces at work

We have managed together with clients to increase volumes by 20%, reduce lead times of acquisitions by 30% and increase employee satisfaction by 15% to name a few examples.

One-minute movie about The Change Express®

The Change Express® App

  • The Change Express® App is developed to support change management needs in India and abroad. It includes practical knowledge, business cases, interviews, tools, tips, and results from applied research. Leaders, professionals, managers, HR, consultants, and students all stand to benefit.
  • This App will enhance/widen your perspective on Change Management, enable you to structure the way you manage change and provide tools for ‘change’. Franzen/partners is sharing its wealth of information, here in this App.
  • The Change Express® will continue to publish information regularly. We look forward to your thoughts and responses in return. Feel free to buzz the creative folk behind The Change Express®. We are a helpful bunch and will gladly support your endeavours in managing change.