We provide organizations the boost required to realize their way forward by training their people in change skills that remain for life.

The Change Express
We, the folks behind The Change Express®, develop and execute Management Development Program’s (MDP’s) as corporate consultants, trainers and coaches. We collaborate with professional partners in an international network to reduce lead times of change, innovation and business processes. That’s what we do with more than 30 years of international experience across all sectors. We intervene at all levels, from expansion to mergers, increasing productivity to enhancing quality, or the softer issues like efficiency and motivation. The key is empowerment! We ensure that people reach their goal in a smooth and meaningful way.

Drs. Marianne J. Franzen
Drs. Marianne J. Franzen studied social sciences, and business administration specializing in organization and psychological issues. Marianne founded the company in 1983. She enjoys directing and managing implementation processes for organizations and executive coaching. She is a frequent guest speaker and writes blogs, articles and books.