Be the change you wish to see in the world
Be the change
Business is about people. People whose hearts and minds are open to change, are more thorough, creative, and they reflect upon their actions. Now wouldn't we all want to be able to do that? Well, as Mahatma Gandhi once said: 'Be the change that you wish to see in the world'. You just have to be the change before you even start paving the path towards it. But the big question is how can you be that change? How should you initiate it? To be the change, means to model the behaviour you expect from others. First do what you wish others to follow. By being the change you will open up people's hearts towards change. Lead the way. Modelling behaviour triggers people to act in the same way.
An interesting case we witnessed in 'being the change' was in an Indian company in the Oil & Gas sector. During the hot summer months, the company wondered how best they could reduce the lead time for new innovations. They realized that one key step would be to align the R&D department with marketing. Now one would cringe at the very thought of that! But what needs doing, must be done. However, this was not the only challenge they faced. Being global players, they also felt the need for rapid increase in profits. A paradigm shift was required. Everybody in the company needed to think of the business as their very own. That meant a huge culture change. After many discussions with board members, the CEO declared that gaining the trust of the employees was key. After all, it is the employees who would make their ambitions a reality. The CEO understood that he and his board members had to support their people. They showed their trust and confidence by openly sharing business numbers, facts, figures, data and plans for the coming years. With this knowledge and understanding the people not only acknowledged the roadblocks but were more than willing to put their best foot forward, to make the company's vision a reality.
We asked the CEO how many times before had he done something like this? He murmured, that to be honest, it was his first. The first time, he led, by being the change he wanted from them. By trusting them first before asking them to trust him. So if you feel the need to change in your very being, you will be able to model that behaviour. And irrespective of the content you shall see the flow of the river change in the direction you wish it to take.
Food for thought
You know you are the change. Can you empower your people too, to be the change you wish to see in the organization?
Feb 2015