The seven make-or-break approaches for successful change
Your approach towards Change
Let's talk about seven make-or-break approaches for successful change. The measure of success of the implementation of change greatly depends on you and other parties involved. Your approach towards change will affect the implementation. The way in which someone approaches something is a matter of experience, choice and behavior. Seven approaches have turned out to be make-or-break approaches. In other words, differences in attitude and behavior of people can break or make the situation you are hoping to change.
Let's have a look at these approaches. By recognizing and acknowledging your own choices, you can determine whether you will be able to manage the change process properly. Also by recognizing the choices of others in time, you will either be able to influence their choice for the better, or keep their choices in mind while drawing out plans.
The make-or-break approaches
The choices made by you and those made by others have been shown in extreme. It is just a way to see things as black or white, as positive or negative. However, that is not the intention. A particular choice can be the cause of success in one situation and the same choice could be the cause of ruin in another situation. At times, the middle ground may prove to be the ideal approach to take.
Therefore, while making choices we make use of scales. We have elaborated upon the seven approaches below. Take your time to assimilate them, and then formulate it in your mind and in your own words.
Mar 2017