The Indian government is a lot more twitter savvy than the Swedish government.
In conversation with Daniel Wolven, Minister Counsellor & Deputy Head of Mission Swedish Embassy
'To sit back and enjoy this country, that's what I learnt in India', says Daniel Wolven, Minister Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Sweden, India. Working in India since the last two years, Daniel finds a change in his mindset towards certain things, as he sits back and enjoys the inspiring culture and traditional values of India. He keenly observes the societal and political developments taking place in India and their impact on the relationship of the two countries.
Daniel hails from Sweden and started his work life post studying Political Science in New York. After a brief stint with the World Food Programme in Rome (Italy), he applied to the Foreign Ministry in Sweden and has never looked back. He got posted in Congo experiencing both its rich culture and the civil war in 2004 after which he spent five years in Paris. As Daniel says 'It's a unique opportunity to combine my personal interest and my professional passion. It's all about meeting brilliant individuals from across the globe, creating platforms, and networks to contribute to my country's development at the same time'.
In his field, one of the challenges is to take a leap forward in social media. The embassy creates value by providing the government with hard-to-get information. Information which does not even reach newspapers. The aim is know the nature of relationship they desire with India, put a plan in place and deliver accordingly. For this information needs to be correct. Social media bridges that gap very effectively by being an open and transparent medium, providing access to almost everything and everybody. However, the traditional divide between the older and newer generations, must also be managed. This at times creates pressure, which must be handled way quicker and in ways better than they are used to. Too much information can be overwhelming. A balance must be maintained and information must be interpreted correctly. 'Change' is something people have to always keep in mind, especially when working with governments. And from that perspective, Daniel feels 'The Indian government is a lot more twitter savvy compared to the Swedish government. Perhaps we can learn from that.'
When asked if he himself enjoys change Daniel responded by saying - 'I like it, though you have to have direction in both life and work else things stagnate. I always keep a look-out for the broader change in society which everybody should embrace, including me. We, as an embassy, work with many different people and we need to adjust ourselves to the pace of the government both in Sweden and India. Currently with India's new government in place, the pace of business and development is much faster'. According to Daniel, India has Sweden on its radar for the right things like business and Indians working in Sweden. 'However, we'd like to see a greater sharing of knowledge with Sweden, for India to tap into the opportunities it holds. We can still work on that.'
May 2015