At IKEA we lead with our IKEA values
In conversation with Sandeep Sanan - Trading Manager- IKEA Tasa
Q. Why is IKEA's vision important for you?
IKEA's vision is 'A better everyday life for the many people'. We live by the vision and for us at IKEA the vision is not something written on the walls. The phrase for the many people captures what we need to do. It is the most important driving force behind the IKEA business. The IKEA business idea to offer a wide range of well designed, functional home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible will be able to afford them. This translates the vision into what needs to be done here and now. The vision is our inspiration to create better and low cost products for the many.
Q. What about women co-workers? Is it a better life for them too?
Yes. IKEA believes in Diversity & Inclusion. Women co-workers get an equal opportunity and we ensure that they feel safe. We make the most out of individual differences for the benefit of the business and our co-workers.
Q. IKEA and India, sustainable marriage?
IKEA purchasing has been in India for 27 years now. After 3 decades of presence, we believe that India has a lot of potential left to be explored. There is an increasing trend to expand in new materials and industries like sourcing products such as mattresses, sofas, solid wood & particle board based furniture products from India to secure our retail expansion plan in Asia and especially India. To offer better products that are affordable for the many and develop a more vital IKEA, we are diversifying our supplier base that can meet the needs of our business and customers. We believe that the 'Make in India' initiative being led by the government could help us move faster in this journey.
Q. What is your secret to effectively implementing change?
Change is the only constant and at IKEA we believe in constantly being on the way. We all adapt to change by just being open and trusting. The more we are able to change the more we look back and reflect on how each one of has grown in the change process. We implement change by being structured, plan the change week wise and communicate communicate communicate. By being open and transparent about where we are and holding individual or group dialogues we are able to adopt change in the best way possible.
Q. What has been your key learning in your journey so far?
We need to have an inspiring vision, then its sheer hard work, being stubborn about goals and of course agile to adapt to overcome challenges on the way. We do it with good humour, a humble attitude, an iron will and an unlimited spirit of solidarity. We cannot do it alone, we need to do it together. "We" is very important and not to forget we need to have fun too!
May 2015