HR is a business partner!
In conversation with Mr. R. N. Mukhija - Non-Executive Chairman, Electrical & Automation Independent Company, Larsen & Tubro, India
Mr. Mukhija believes that collaboration with HR is essential. Unlike most people, he thinks of HR beyond the commonly known parameters. He believes that spirituality is an important competency required by HR. After all, HR is all about people. The challenge HR faces is having and retaining committed employees, passionate about their work. As a coach and mentor Mr. Mukhija strives towards transparency, openness, and helping others unleash their potential, by sharing knowledge and experiences. But who is Mr. Mukhija?
Larsen & Toubro
Mr. Mukhija joined Larsen & Toubro Limited as a trainee, post his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. In his 49 years there, gathering expertise as he grew, he was made President, Operations as well as Board member in 2001. As Board member he was incharge of L&T's Electrical & Automation business. Post retirement from the L&T Board in October 2010, he continued his association with L&T as an Advisor to the Group Executive Chairman till April 2014. Since then, he has been looking after the Domestic Marketing Network, Sustainability Reporting Initiatives and Medical, Healthcare & Welfare departments for the employees of L&T.
Top Management
Mr. Mukhija believes that the responsibility of implementing change lies with top management. It should be percolated down to the employees to ensure their engagement and customer satisfaction. Basis his vast experience in implementing Total Quality Management he focuses upon three key elements: employee engagement, customer satisfaction, and a structured way of solving problems.
HR role
He agrees that over the last decade, HR has evolved from being just an administrative function to a strategic partner for organizational growth. The strategic functions of HR are critical and they need to be competent for that. They are part of the thinking machinery of the business. The so called administrative functions can be outsourced, especially keeping the pace of technology in mind. He gives the example of L&T's leadership development academy which is a platform to connect people within L&T with its various businesses and thereby satisfy internal clients. And its HR who is responsible for running the academy. That is what L&T calls strategic thinking!
May 2015