Marianne Franzen - Kim Jun Franzen
The folks behind The Change Express
The Change Express® is a comprehensive toolkit, consisting of workbooks, guidelines, management games and E-learning. It provides organizations with the boost required to manage their way forward.
During implementation, professionals and managers learn how to deal with real-life change. Think of expansion, new businesses, partnerships, cross-cultural challenges, increasing quality or productivity and enhancing management skills. Of course we would like that these skills remain with them for life. In a fun and engaging way, people experience the need for change. The Change Express® guides people and enables them to achieve their ambitions.
The folks behind The Change Express® are Franzen/partners. Feel free to buzz the creative folks behind The Change Express®. We are a helpful bunch and will gladly support your endeavours in managing change. We also happen to support both human resource and skill development programs in India as well as abroad. Sit back and enjoy your ride aboard The Change Express®.