It's useless to be the victim, cribbing or complaining the whole time. Instead of asking yourself what's not you'd rather ask what is.
In Conversation with Anyuta Dhir - Director HR Veolia India
Veolia and Anyuta
Veolia celebrates 160 years of service to cities, regions and local communities. It provides public authorities and industries with a range of water, waste-management and energy services vital to human development and sustainable performance around the world.
Veolia continues to adapt and innovate in step with the ever changing economic growth and human development by designing and implementing solutions that will have a positive impact on the environment and resources. The goal is to build a better 21st century.
Veolia India has existed for over a decade and is doing well, but it recognized the need to have an HR department in India some two years ago. That is when Anyuta, currently Director HR, Veolia was asked to step-in and her journey with Veolia began.
Q. What is so challenging about change for you?
A.Change is the only constant. It is the ability to exist, adapt, and evolve. I believe in walking with changing times. From an organizational perspective, an organization can evolve as long as it does not resist change. Else it will stagnate, get complacent, and eventually lose business.
Life is what I live for. It's beautiful, providing opportunities in its course of highs and lows. In the end the winner is the one who learns from experiences, and will ultimately evolve faster. I prefer counting the eggs in my basket instead of the ones that fall off. For me, that's positivity. I constantly ask myself what value do I bring to the table? how can I inspire and motivate others? It's useless to be the victim, cribbing or complaining the whole time. Instead of asking yourself what's not you'd rather ask what is.
Anyuta's personal journey with change
Anyuta's own journey in change has been interesting. She started her career as an IT professional developing App's and software and then slowly she found herself transforming and taking up new roles as a business analyst, trainer, talent manager, even a talent acquisition manager in a variety of companies such as Dabur, Mother Diary, and Steria to name a few. Having worked in different environments, her passion remains the same, zest for life.
Setting up HR at Veolia, India
Being in-charge of setting up HR in India, Anyuta had no ready benchmarks or action list ready. She had to translate Veolia's global HR system to the Indian scenario. She started in 2013 with questions like, how can HR be a business partner? how can it add muscle and energy to the work process? how can it integrate to help increase business? Keeping her conviction and patience intact throughout, she started setting up the HR department, slowly yet steadily, convincing her colleagues to collaborate with her. Colleagues from Paris helped enormously. She not only had to set -up but also re-structure keeping the global aspect in mind. Taking up simultaneous challenges was quite a journey.
Who's knocking on which door?
Having set up, the next challenge was to integrate. Creating valued appraisal systems, that provide secure futures to employees and translating the global systems to suit Indian requirements basis Indian rules and regulations. 'Common systems couldn't always just be easily copied and pasted to India'. She compared the HR process and her journey to an ancient car with wooden wheels which had to be transformed into today's Formula 1 racing car.
She is proud of what she finally achieved. An HR department which works hand-in-hand as a business partner. 'Instead of me knocking on people's doors they now knock on my door'. Her way of selling HR within Veolia India paid off. She managed to break the ice. People look at it as a safe and comforting function, one they no longer need to resist.
Mar 2015